Friday, May 13, 2016

My Newest Obsession!

I was only trying to get my "gut" healthy and ended up losing weight with Plexus!

Note- I am a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist....I did my research and have tried other shakes and products that ended up making me sick!!!  I also worked for Jenny Craig for 6 years so you can rest assure that I am someone who will fully investigate and research anything I plan on putting in my body. I am now gut healthy, "regular" and lost weight without trying.  I have never felt better.  

I have only been using Plexus products for 1 month and already my skins looks SO MUCH better, my digestion track is back to normal AND I've been sleeping better and wake up much easier.  I became an ambassador because I knew this was something I wanted to use for a lifetime!

Is weight loss your goal? You may want to add one of our three weight loss aids, which work synergistically with Slim to help you get over plateaus...

Accelerator+ works with Plexus Slim to increase effectiveness and includes 5htp – a natural mood enhancer.

Boost is a thermogenic to rev up fat loss and can increase energy and endurance. This is great for enhancing endurance/stamina during workouts. (not to be taken together with Accelerator+)

Block reduces the absorption of sugars and starches up to 48% (perfect before cheat meals or wine/margaritas).

How is X-FACTOR unique?
  • It contains a patented aloe blend that helps increase your bodies ability to absorb nutrients by up to 400%!

  • It now contains Methylfolate. Those with the MTHFR gene mutation cannot absorb Folic Acid and require the methylated version of folate.

  • It contains the highest antioxidant fruit on the market; New Zealand Black Currants.

How is PROBIO5 unique?
  • It contains 5 varied strands of freeze-dried bacteria with 2 billion live CFU per capsule.

**note** If your probiotic must be refrigerated, this means that the bacteria within will activate immediately upon reaching heat or moisture (your mouth) and only 20-30% of the bacteria will survive by the time they reach your gut where they are needed. ProBio5's freeze-dried bacteria remain dormant until reaching the gut where they are needed.

  • It contains 3 digestive enzymes; Serrapeptase, Cellulase & Chitosanase.

-Chitosanase also acts as a fungal killer, directly targeting fungal or yeast overgrowth in the gut.

How is MEGA-X unique?

  • It is the only plant-based total omega product on the market today
  • It contains Omegas 3, 6, 9, PLUS 5 & 7

  • Omega 5 helps to kill bacteria in the epithelial layers of the skin

  • Omega 7 helps your body get into and stay in its deepest sleep cycle longer."

  • Try replacing your multivitamin, probiotic and omega supplement with these three for 60-days and if you don't notice a significant difference, you can send your empty bottles back for a full refund.

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