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20 work from home jobs 03.29.16

Work From Home Jobs 03.29.16

1. 350.org
Website: http://www.350.org/
Jobs- https://boards.greenhouse.io/350org#.VvqfgeIrJD8
Location: Work from Anywhere 
Job Type: Temporary

2. Shopify
Website: http://www.shopify.com 
Customer Success Guru (Galway, Ireland)
Location: Galway, Ireland 
Job Type: Employee, Full-Time

3. Paladin
Website: http://www.paladinstaff.com
Online Marketing Manager
Hourly Rate: Starts at $33.55/hour, can go higher based on experience
Location: US National 
Job Type: Freelance, Part-Time, Flexible Schedule
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

4. Welcome Wagon
Website: www.welcomewagon.com
Community Marketing Executive
Outside Advertising Sales
Employee, Full-Time, Flexible Schedule

5. ShowMojo
Website: www.showmojo.com
Appointment Setter
Salary & Benefits: $8.00/Hourly Hourly base plus commission 

6. Aetna
Website: http://www.aetna.com
Business Consultant

7. World Wide Web Hosting
Website: http://www.wwwh.com/
Customer Service Specialist
Work from Anywhere 
All Telecommuting

8. Affinity
Website: http://www.affinity.myforever.biz/store
Freelance Copywriter
US National 

9. Teleflora
Website: www.teleflora.com/careers
Work at Home Seasonal Consumer Direct Associate
$8.00 Hourly
20-30 hours a week

10. Dot & Bo
Website: http://www.dotandbo.com/
Editorial Writer – Freelance
Writing, Copywriting

11. Cambridge Proofreading LTD.
Website: http://proofreading.org
Contact Info: info@cambridgeproofreading.com
UK: (+44) 03308 220012
US: (+1) 844-332-5040
Location: United Kingdom, Australia, or Work from Anywhere
$20.00 Hourly Rate based on word count.

12. ManpowerGroup Solutions
Website: http://www.manpowergroupsolutions.com
Sr Corporate Recruiter
US National 
Freelance, Full-Time

13. Will Reed Company
Software Sales

In this role, you will start with a base salary of $35-40K (depending on experience). With commission, your take-home will usually amount to something like $45K-$60K. During the three month training period, Forcepoint gives you 100% of possible commissions

14. Staffing Force
Website: http://www.staffingforce.com
Virtual Recruiter (work From Home)
Commission Only.

15. MedicaLink
Work From Home Recruiter

Medicalink is a boutique medical placement firm that has been established in the New England Region for over 25 years. We specialize in placing Allied Health Professions, Nurses, Nurse Managers as wells as Healthcare administration.

Website: teacher-recruitment.vipkid.com.cn
Part-time Online ESL 
Teacher for Children
5-10 hours per week

17. Calysto Communications
Inside Sales Support
Website: http://calysto.com
$15.00 Hourly Commission based on securing meetings
10-20 hour a week
US National 

18. Service 800
Website: www.service800.com
Outbound Customer Representative
$10.00 Hourly 401K, Dental Insurance
20-30 hours a week

19. VIPdesk Connect
Sales and Customer Service Representative
Website: http://www.VIPdeskConnect.com
$10.00 Hourly Ttl compensation averaging $10-12/hr (hrly rate $10 per hour plus bonus available based on key metrics. weekend differential.)

20. Upworthy
Ad Ops and Inventory Manager
Website: http://www.upworthy.com
US National 
Employee, Full-Time

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Job Interview By Phone- Best Practices (Work From Home Jobs)

Best Practices - Job Interview By Phone

Do your Research

Do your homework before any job interview. Research the job and requirements.  Make sure you read and understand the job description. I would recommend printing the job description, highlight key elements and have it next to you for the interview. Find out what you can about the company.  Who is their competition?  What is their mission statement?  How long have they been in business? What does the company do exactly?  Know their industry.

It is always helpful to find online reviews.  Sometimes Glassdoor will even have interview questions that a company may ask you. If you know the name of the person who will be interviewing you, you can check to see if they use LinkedIn and if they do, connect with them.  This gives you the opportunity to see how long they have been with the company and other industries that they’ve worked in.

You do not want to go into an interview without doing your homework. Have you ever been in a class where a teacher called on you in front of your peers, asked you a question that you didn’t know the answer to?  Do you remember how you felt?  Did you stutter and stumble saying “umm” a couple of times just waiting for the teacher to call on someone else?  That’s how it may feel if you go into an interview unprepared. Be ready for the interviewer to ask you what you already know about the company.  I have been in interviews where the first thing they’ve asked is what I know about the company and why I want a position in that specific industry and at that specific company.

Even if you have the job description printed out next to you for the interview, it’s important to really know exactly what the job description says because they make ask questions to ensure that you’ve read it.  A common mistake candidates make is skimming over a job description and then contacting the hiring manager asking questions that are directly in the information they’ve supplied.  HR/Recruiters/Hiring managers have other applications to screen, emails to answer, and other candidates to contact while also interviewing and doing background checks. You don’t want to ask questions that are answered in the job description or information they’ve already given to you.

First Impressions Last Forever

Everyone knows how important first impressions are.  They say you only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression.  As an HR Recruiter I can tell you I typically get my impression of a candidate within the first minute.  There are a few tips that I can share with you to help make a good first impression.

Make sure you are in a secure and quiet environment for the phone interview.  You DO NOT want to have any background noise.  Make sure there is no TV or radio on, put your cell phone on silent and even take your landline off the hook or unplug it for the interview. If you’re applying for a work from home position the interviewer will want to ensure that you have no distractions or background noise.  Don’t eat or drink anything while in the interview, chew gum, run water…etc.  Change the batteries in your smoke detector if it’s time. (This is a common noise I hear in interviews.)   Also, make sure you have a clear phone connection and if you’re using a cell phone you want to ensure that the battery is fully charged before the call.

The way you answer the phone is the first interaction that can make or break the call.  Smile.  Be enthusiastic. (“Hi, how are you!?”) Be waiting for the interviewer’s call. I’ve called candidates in the past who’ve sounded like they’ve just woken and candidates who’ve sounded surprised by my call. If the interviewer tries calling and the call goes to your voicemail or the line is busy, they may not try calling back, so be ready. Be polite, try not to interrupt or dominate the conversation.  It is okay to be nervous but remember to slow down, enunciate and speak clearly. If you are stuck on a question avoid saying “um” or “uhhh” (I know this may be easier said than done) but try “that’s a good question, I need to think about that for a second…” instead. Be confident, remember your strengths, accomplishments, and why someone would want to hire you.  Remember what you have to offer!

Prepare Your Own Cheat Sheet

I plan on writing my next article on common interview questions and how to answer them but for now you can google common questions and prepare yourself on how to answer them.  When you search for common interview questions you can also search the industry, job title, company or type of work. Have a notebook in front of before the call so that you can take notes during the interview. Jot down some key points beforehand that you don’t want to forget to mention (Awards, certifications, nominations, accomplishments…etc.). You can also write down facts about the job or company in your notebook.  I like to use different colors and highlighters so that it’s easier to see and find right away.  It’s been easier for me to find notes quickly when they’ve been written in bold colors.  I’ve also used colored note cards and added stars or symbols to easily find specific notes and then taped the notecards up above my computer. You won’t want to write sentences or paragraphs.  You will never be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and you certainly don’t want to read off your note card. An example would be to have a note card that says something like “strengths” and then have a list or number some things you don’t want to forget.  (Organized, fast learner, adaptable, needs little to no supervision…etc.) You have the opportunity to have resources right in front of you without them even knowing, but you definitely don’t want to read off a cluster of sentences. If you decide to use note cards to make lists, highlight the examples that you feel are the most important. Even if you don’t use any of your notes, you will go into the interview feeling more confident knowing that they’re there.

Give Examples

When answering interview questions you want to explain yourself efficiently while completing and explaining each answer.  By completing your answer I mean that you want to make sure that you’ve finalized your reply.  A common mistake occurs when a candidate answers a question that requires a list of things and the candidate ends their final sentence without sounding confident.  It can sound almost as if they’ve ended their sentence with a comma instead of a period.  Be firm in your answers and make it clear when you’ve finished answering each question.  If ever there is a long silent pause you may ask something like: “does that answer your question?” You don’t want the interviewer to constantly ask you to tell them more, give specific examples over and over again or ask what you mean by your answers.  For example if you are being asked what it is that you’ve liked about your past jobs and you say “the hours” or “the working environment” they are more than likely going to ask you what kind of working environment and clarification or what hours you worked and why you enjoyed those hours.  

Below are examples of how to rephrase the “working environment” and “hours” answers by giving specific detail and a clearer explanation.  

“I liked the environment” – Example: “I liked the working environment at XYZ Incorporation because we all operated together as a team where no one was afraid to give suggestions or ask for further clarification. We all shared the responsibilities as a group and had open communication with one another. By just saying that you liked the environment, it can mean many different things so you want to clarify WHAT you like liked and WHY you liked it.  

“I liked the hours” – Example: “I really liked the working hours at my last job at ABC Enterprise because I worked the morning shift where I was able to get up, go to work and have my evenings free to do volunteer work at my church.” Be careful if you answer a question regarding the hours.  If you talk about how you loved working morning shifts and the job you’re applying for only offers evening hours they may get the wrong impression.

Be Ready For Common Phone Interview Questions

Being ready for common interview questions can go hand in hand with doing your research and preparing your own cheat sheet but you want to be prepared to answer any question without your notes in front of you.  When I help to prepare for a job interview I start off by giving a list of common interview questions.  Sometimes the person will fill in the answers and sometimes they will just look over the questions and think about their answers.  It is important to have an idea of how you will answer common interview questions and then study your answers before the interview.  No matter how much you prepare I can almost guarantee you will be asked something you that you hadn’t expect. Have someone role play with you.  You won’t be able to memorize your answers verbatim but if you decide to use note cards as I mentioned previously you can jot down a few key words that will help you remember your answers during the interview. Do not rely solely on your note cards!

I helped a friend prepare for a job interview a few months ago and she kept forgetting a few of the example answers that she wrote down when I’d asked the interview questions.  She kept trying to write down entire scenarios with long paragraphs. I told her that in the moment she’d never be able to refer to her notes.  One of the questions that she kept forgetting the answer to was “tell me about a time when you disagreed with a manager and how you handled the situation.”  She wouldn’t believe me that jotting down a few words would work better than writing out the whole scenario. She was at my house the morning of the interview and before she left I took the note card with that question, scribbled out her long (2 paragraph) answer and replace it with just 3 words (Janet, file, SS#).  Well, guess what.  She called me after the interview and told me that she started to panic when they asked her a question that was very similar to the question she struggled with, she looked at her notes, saw the 3 words I jotted down to replace her unnecessary amount of details and…she nailed it…AND she was offered the position that same day!

Send a Thank You Email after the Interview

After the interview take some time to look over your notes from the interview. (Remember to take notes!) In your thank you email make sure to include anything that you forgot or wished you had said in the interview.  Keep the email short and simple.  Reiterate what you discussed in the interview and why you would be the ideal candidate.  If they hadn’t mentioned what and when to expect the next steps feel free to address it in the thank you email.  Below is a sample thank you email but ensure to customize and personalize your own. 

Send each person that was on the call an email but personalize them each differently.  Do not send the exact email to each interviewer. Sending a thank you letter or email can show that you are very interested in the position and it can leave a lasting impression. I recently read that 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate who does not send a thank you, and 91% like being thanked, according to an Accountemps survey online.  Sample template below:

Hi (informal) Dear (formal) [interviewer name],

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me today. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and learning more about the [enter position] role with [Company name.] I’m still very interested and even more excited about the opportunity to [enter examples of what you would be doing and/or responsibilities of the job]. I know with my past experience in [your previous experience that relates and adds value to the job], hard work and dedication that I will be an immediate asset to the team.

Please let me know if I can provide any addition information.  It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the next steps in the hiring process. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at your convenience.

Best regards,

[Your First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

[LinkedIn profile address/professional profile (If you have one)]

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10 Work From Home Jobs 03.22.16

10 work from home jobs - 03.22.16

1. BKA Content
SEO Article Writer
Website: http://bkacontent.com/
$7.00 an hour
Project Payout is tied to word count. 1.3 cents per word and on up. Work from anywhere, at any time. Frequent writing incentives and competitions with rewards. Extra support available from account and hiring managers.

2. Equivityva
Virtual Assistant
Website: http://equivityva.com
Part Time (20-30 hours a week)

3. TFS - Total Food Service
B2B Advertising Sales
Website: totalfood.com
Part Time (10-20 hours a week)
Annually Base + Commission
To apply send email to: Fred@totalfood.com

4. Study.com
French Lesson Writer
Website: http://study.com/
Freelance, Flexible Schedule

5. Gabbyville Inc
Customer Service/Call Center
Website: www.gabbyville.com
$8.75 an hours
Full Benefits Package / OverTime

6. Direct Interactions
Outbound calls/Lead Follow Up
Website: http://www.directinteractions.com
30-20 hours per week
$11.00 an hour
Incentives for performance and schedule adherence
Freelance/Flexible Schedule
US National

7. Paragon Planners & Associates, Inc
Scheduler/Appointment Setting
Website: http://www.paragonplanners.com/
To apply: submit resume & cover letter to Opportunities@paragonplanners.com
Submit resume in Word or PDF format
$300-2500 per month based on # of client;
Part-time hours to start.

8. BroadPath Healthcare Solutions
Dental Claims Processor - Remote
Website: www.Broad-Path.com
Employment Type: Temporary
Computer Equipment: provided for duration of assignment

9. Alan's Factory Outlet 
Customer Service Sales Representative 
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $16.00 /hour
Required experience: 5 years of Sales or Customer Service

10.CA Moore & Associates, Inc. 
WC Claims Analyst-Telecommute
Website: http://www.camoore.net
contact Connie Moore, CPC: 952-473-0990 conniemoore@camoore.net

Friday, March 18, 2016

Market Research Part Time Telephone Interviewer

Market Research Virtual Interview position
Part Time Employment Opportunity 
Are you looking for a rewarding career that puts you at the forefront of the technology or customer experience (CX) industry? Join the biggest customer experience company with 18 offices worldwide. Become part of an innovative organization that’s combining cutting edge technology with industry-leading research capabilities to create something new. Enjoy the benefits of a fun, positive, and dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and rewards results.

About MaritzCX

MaritzCX started with the simple idea that businesses need more than scores and reports to meet their customer experience (CX) challenges in the 21st century – and that idea drove us to combine the deep expertise of a proven research leader with the speed and innovation of a modern tech startup. The result is a faster, smarter approach to CX that gives businesses the power to see, sense, and act on the experiences of every individual customer – across every touchpoint — live.

With MaritzCX, businesses constantly discover new insights about their customers. They always have instant access to the CX information and resources they need to drive organizational change. They never have to guess about how to earn the loyalty of customers. That means banks can change policies and operationalize procedures that help them retain more customers. Car manufacturers can find better ways to serve their clients at the moment they purchase or repurchase. And companies around the world can create new value for customers and accelerate their organic growth

Across the globe our community of researchers, consultants, trailblazers, data-jugglers, coding magicians and customer advocates are unified by one common mission: to employ creativity and technology to empower our clients to win customers for life. Driven by innovation and led by a world-class leadership team, we are changing how the world views customer experience. We are endlessly passionate about what we do, and together we celebrate our outstanding results.

MaritzCX believes organizations should be able to see, sense and act on the experiences and desires of every customer, at every touch point, live. The company helps organizations increase customer retention, conversion and lifetime value by ingraining customer experience intelligence and action systems into the DNA of business operations. MaritzCX is the combination of the Allegiance award-winning CX platform and Maritz Research strategic consulting services. MaritzCX serves many of the world’s top companies in industries from automotive to retail and from healthcare to B2B.

  • Ranked as a Top 15 finalist in the 2008 St. Louis Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work”
  • Selected for the 2007 InformationWeek 500 List of "Masters of Technology"
  • Ranked 26 on the 2008 InformationWeek Elite 100 and Top Innovators 250 Award
  • Ranked 305 in the most recent Forbes listing of the “500 Largest Privately Held Companies”
  • Maritz does business with 30 of the world’s FORTUNE 50 companies
  • MaritzCX President and CEO Carine Clark has been named CEO of the Year by Utah Business magazine.
  • TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named the Allegiance platform as a 2015 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award winner.
  • MaritzCX has 900+ full-time employees in 19 offices and five global regions.
  • MaritzCX serves 500+ clients and one million users in 100 countries speaking 72 languages.
  • MaritzCX clients range from mid-sized to the world’s largest companies.
  • The MaritzCX platform provides flexible, self-service capabilities that allow clients to create or change reports on their own, and integrates with Salesforce.com, Adobe, and other popular data systems.
  • The MaritzCX SaaS-based CX software platform delivers a big-data architecture based on Hadoop and Elastic Search, allowing analysis and management of multiple survey programs and customer data sets in a single platform.
  • The CX platform includes patented Spotlight® data mining; the first data mining product specifically created for the CX industry, and offers integrated survey software, dashboards and reports, case management, and text analytics.

The at home interviewer conducts consumer research studies by phone. We represent major corporations in industries like automotive, financial, and telecommunications.
We are an outbound call center with At-Home interviewers conducting survey questions which are to be read exactly as they are seen. Customer responses are generally inputted into the computer using numeric keys or the mouse. For Quality and Training purposes all calls are recorded.
By using the employee’s reliable phone with clear reception, the Maritz dialer system contacts the customers automatically. There is never any long distance or local charges as a result of doing this position. In order to assure Quality and Consistency of every survey, Interviewers must follow directions, procedures, and instructions exactly while also using time effectively. They must have minimal time off from their schedule.

  • Good basic reading skills
  • Clear English ensure customer understanding
  • Explicitly follow verbal and written instructions
  • Friendly and professional in all situations
  • High tolerance for repetitive tasks
  • Self-motivation to achieve production and quality goals
  • Excellent Attendance Equipment

  • Broadband connection to the internet – Reliable and high speed
  • PC with Microsoft 2000 & Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or better
  • Telephone with clear and reliable reception
  • Active e-mail account
  • Secure and private workspace
  • Workspace quiet and free of background noise
  • Workspace safe and free of hazards

  • Must maintain client confidentiality at all times
  • Must follow company policies and procedures at all times
  • No caring for anyone while at work including children, parents, etc.
  • Employees must pass the paid training to be considered an At Home Interviewer.

  •  Interviewing techniques and procedures, customer sensitivity awareness, and company policies. 
  • You can choose to attend either 1 eight hour training class or 2 four hour training classes.
  •  Training is conducted over the phone and at your home computer.

  • We start at your state/county minimum wage/hr 
  • Wage increase opportunities: 30 day perfect attendance = $.50 increase.
  • Other raises are given at the time of reviews. (2 months, 6 months, 1 year...etc.

Schedules submitted weekly. You create your own schedule based on the hours required. We require a minimum of 20 hours per week, maximum 28 hours per week and 6 hours every weekend. You can split the weekend shift by working 4+ hours on Friday with 3+ hours on Saturday or work the full 6 weekend hours on Saturday. Monday-Friday you can work between 4-6 hours and on Saturday you can work up to 8 hours. You can create a new schedule each week or keep it the same.

  • The minimum weekday shift is 4 hours.
  • The maximum weekday shift is 6 hours.
The earliest start time is 2pm PT/3pm MT/4pm CT/5pm ET
The latest start time is 3pm PT/4pm MT/5pm CT/6pm ET
The latest shift lasts until 8pm PT/9pm MT/10pm CT/11pm ET

SATURDAY:  (At least 3 hours are required each week)
The earliest start time is 8am PT/9am MT/10am CT/11am ET
The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET

SUNDAY: (We do not have current projects operating on Sundays) 
  •  We do not have available hours on Sunday at this time. Below are the working hours should a project offer Sunday calling in the future.

The earliest start time is 9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET
The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET

  • Direct Deposit each Friday
  • Monthly incentive programs based on project performance - gift cards of your choice
  • Employee referral program – $50 gift cards of your choice
  • Flexible weekly schedules that you create each week
  • No travel – 100% Remote
  • This is not a contract position, you would be an employee of Maritz CX
  • Paid time off

"Retain. Grow. Repeat. For a lifetime."

Send Inquiries to:  Virtual.SC@maritzCX.com 

**Application Instructions: you may copy/paste access to the online application: https://maritz.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/MaritzCX/job/Virtual/Market-Research-Interviewer---Virtual_R7037-11

Work From Home Jobs 3.18.16

          Work From Home Jobs 03/18/2016


     Driggs Title Agency, Inc. - Work at Home

Halo Brands – Remote
Entry Level eCommerce Project Manager

Himagine Solutions – Remote
Trauma Registrar

CPS Corporate Clinical Services Division – Home Based
Corporate Pharmacy Data Management Assistant

R3 Health Solutions – Remote
Remote Inpatient Coder

Vaksman Dental Group – Remote
Dental Scheduler-Remote

HeroX – Remote
Administrative Support Assistant

PowerToFly for ResultsResourcing – Remote
Virtual Exec and Sales Assistant

GreenKey Resources – Remote
Drug Safety Associate

Connections Academy – Work From Home
Advisory Teacher, 2016-2017 School Year

Work from home Job Boards

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Rat Race Rebellion

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Workers On Board

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Advertising Prices
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Authentic Jobs

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Skip the Drive

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USA Free Classifieds

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Next Job At Home

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Had issues submitting job on 03.01.16
I will try back later.  Wouldn’t go through.

Work At Home Crossing

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Work From Home Buzz

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Remote Job Opps

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Work From Home Happiness

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